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My name is Felicia and I am the person behind Anna Felicia Photography. Born and bred in Gothenburg, south west Sweden, photography has always been my number one choice of creative outlet. The road to running this business and pursuing this dream, started a few years back when I first visited Brighton. The fact that I loved England wasn’t anything new, but I hadn’t felt this for a place before. All of a sudden I knew, I just knew that I wanted to work as a photographer in this beautiful seaside town that I had the luck to discover. 

As a person, I am very passionate, driven, I like to observe, which is why I think I went for photography. It gives me a way to get what I have in my mind on to something concrete. My happiest moments consists of me getting creative freedom with my camera, doing what I love. With that being said, I am quite happy in front of Netflix with a slice of watermelon to eat as well. 

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I really enjoyed my photoshoot with Felicia! I needed to get some photos taken of myself for my online jewellery brand and blog so that I could show the person behind my creations. I was a little nervous about having my photo taken at first as it was my first photoshoot but Felicia made me feel very comfortable right away and gave brilliant guidance. I received the photos fast and am super happy with the results. Thank you!

One of the best photographers I have found, friendly, professional, understands what actors need in headshots. Don't miss out on this talented young lady :)

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Had a great headshot experience with Felicia. My first outdoor headshots and we found some great locations around Waterloo. Very happy with the results and I've had some very favourable comments about them.

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Are you not a business owner? 

Alongside with working with small businesses, my other passion is to meet people. Getting photographed is an experience, with just you and the photographer, and the photos are something you will have forever, of a moment you can never exactly recreate. My style will portrait who you are, without being too posing and stiff, alongside with my eye for composition and lighting. Treat yourself or a friend to a session to get those portraits, or bring your partner to capture your love forever. 

Are you a small business owner?   

We all have tasks when it comes to our own business that isn’t really our thing. That is the truth and beauty about running your own business. We have our expertise, but we are often made to spend time and effort doing other things to keep the ball rolling. If you have a product or service and need some flattering photos to show it off to its real perfection, then you have found your photographer! Whether it’ll be with a model or just your product, leave it with me and I’ll make sure you get the perfect photos to advertise your business. 

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If you are interested in booking me or have any questions, please fill out this form or email me directly at hello@annafelicia.co.uk. My rates start from £95.

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